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Screening Room 2

With its plush first class seating and wide aisles, Screening Room 2 has been on the Warner Bros. Lot since the very beg

Screening Room 4

Screening Room 4 was built in Building 71, the original sound building, for Jack Warner. Screening Room 4 is well suited

Screening Room 5

This unique Art Deco screening room was built for Jack Warner to screen current Warner Bros. feature films. We’ve

Screening Room 12

Warner Bros. Screening Room 12 has over 200 seats, an excellent custom 7.1 tri amp sound system, stage lighting, 3 way m

Screening Room 21

Is a nice comfortable screening room for smaller audiences with an excellent tri amped JBL 7.1 sound system. Christie CP

Steven J. Ross Theater

The Steven J. Ross Theater is a premiere auditorium with over 500 seats, an excellent, custom ATMOS sound system with tr